The Georgetown School PTA must keep a minimum membership of 15 to continue to participate in the California PTA and National PTA organizations.  They provide a framework of education and support in which our members can continue to enrich our school.  If you become a member but cannot participate in various venues throughout the school year, you are still supporting the school by helping to ensure  we continue to have access to the resources we need.

Membership to our PTA includes membership to the California PTA and National PTA.

Membership is ongoing.  We welcome all to our association.  Feel free to stop by our association meetings to get to know us better.

For more information, contact us here.

Membership Dues

Our membership dues for each school year is $10.00.  This income is used to pay for administrative costs of running our PTA.  Membership dues will only change at the approval of its members.

Our By-Laws

Submitted October 27, 2015Summary version here.

Membership Perks

The National PTA and California PTA offers a list of discounts to its members as gratitude for their efforts each year.   Please follow this link for details.